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Rabbit Vibrators comprise of amazing ladies who have been trialling various sex toys in pursuit of that epic climax. We come from a variety of different educational, personal, and professional backgrounds. Our aim is to help you find your next best female sex toy, understand how to best use it and continue to review the top rabbit vibrators on the market.

Ella Smith - Director and self-proclaimed rabbit vibrator lover

Ella began using rabbit vibrators out of curiosity. She wanted to understand how to better perfect the art of making love with her husband and decided to start experimenting various sex toys to figure out what she likes. She settled for a G-spot rabbit vibrator which she recommends using for solo and couple play alike. She swears that with the aid of rabbit vibrators she managed to spice up her sex life and get to have more pleasurable time in the bedroom with her partner. Ella’s favourite vibrator is the Lovehoney Dream Machine.

Maddy Davies - Content creator

Maddy is a stay at home mum who loves writing articles for the Rabbit Vibrator website. Her encyclopedic knowledge of sex toys is astonishing which makes her, the absolute authority on rabbit vibrators. Maddy enjoys her classic happy rabbit the most and thinks sex toys are the ultimate truth to understanding how to be a better person in the bedroom. In her spare time, she writes erotic novels which makes her our perfect content creator.

Jennie Greggs - Tech guru

Jennie is our tech guru as she loved looking after site. She is happily married to the love of her life, with whom she continues to experiment various sex toys for added fun. She loves Fifty Shades of Grey, hence she decided to pick the rabbit vibrator with the same name as her veryfavouritee. Jennie dedicated her time creating various adult only games and she adores telling us about her new sex toys discoveries.